Krekova banka 
On 16 October 1992, Vzajemna Krekova banka was established based on the idea of Janez Evangelisk Krek.

Raiffeisen Krekova banka 
On 18 June 2002, Raiffeisen International Bank Holding, the Austrian strategic partner, became the majority owner of the Krekova banka shares.

Raiffeisen Banka 
In September 2007, Raiffeisen Krekova banka renamed itself Raiffeisen Banka.

KBS banka 
During the 31st Raiffeisen Banka d.d. Assembly held on 30 June 2016, the sale was concluded, and the bank came under the wing of Apollo Global Management, renaming itself KBS banka.

Nova KBM

After the merger agrement in October 2016 and the entry in the Court Register, from 3 January 2017, we operate as a single merged bank: Nova KBM d.d.
On the day the merger was entered in the Court Register, KBS banka d.d. ceased to exist and all its obligations and rights were taken over by Nova KBM d.d. as the legal successor.

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